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Artemis [v0.5.0a] + Gallery/Walkthrough Mod


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You were on your way to living the lush life as a gifted software engineer, working for the most prestigious tech giant, until the last person you thought would betray you takes it all away. After three years of recovering from the emotional trauma, you are ready to stand back on your feet and re-enter the world in pursuit of a functional life. Your newfound resilience is put to the test as you are hit with several unfortunate events. But not all is unfortunate as you rekindle an old friendship who has a proposition that leaves you hesitant.​

  • - 4,980 renders
  • - 71 animations
  • - 49 new tracks
  • - 2 Official Artemis tracks
  • - Updated UI sound effects
  • - Updated some UI elements
  • - Updated background images for Archives and DataLeaks
  • - Updated 18+ warning at start of game
  • - Updated credits format
  • - Added new main menu animation featured after completing CH4
  • - Changed appearance for thumbnails in Memories menu
  • - Changed BIOS app layout and LI renders
  • - Changed how music in general functions
  • - Corrected Katy's anal option for the memory gallery if you unlocked it
  • - Removed music players
  • - Disabled DJ Kink's Studio temporarily.
  • - Implemented "Notification" for hidden content (SDCards excluded)
  • - Automatic Save Page 1 Slot 1
Artemis [v0.5.0a] + Gallery/Walkthrough Mod
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