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My Bully Is My Lover [Ch1 Ep3 Part 2]


In this emotionally charged narrative-driven game, you step into the shoes of a protagonist who has endured the scars of high school bullying. Haunted by memories of a girl who made life unbearable, you’ve journeyed through both literal and metaphorical realms of heaven and hell, reshaping your identity and vowing for retribution. Yet, as adulthood dawns, you realize the futility of clinging to past grudges and choose a path of moving forward.

Changelog: 965+ images 6108 lines of codes 18 animations Naomi's First Arc Aine's Second Arc Introduction to: Moon's Second Arc/Major Main Story Arc Main Story Progress 82 new background music & SFX MBML (Chapter 1 - Episode 3) [Part 1] is open to the public!
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