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Somewhere I Belong [v0.0.5.6] + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod


It’s been two years since the so-called first wave, where hordes of infected got everything in their path. During this time, countries fought with all they had in order to stop it. Many succeded, and many were completely lost.
The story begins two years after those events in South America, in a resilient country at the south.
Due to the outbreak, several creatures and mutations have been spotted roaming in the so-called red zones, areas that were lost during the outbreak.
You will face several events while exploring these areas. People who prefer a lawless life and creatures evolved to hunt.
Only the bravest adventure there, but few people return, even though people do it out of necessity…

Somewhere I Belong [v0.0.5.6] + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod
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