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The Five Star Stories [v0.4]


In this game you are a teenage boy who becomes interested in his step-sister and starts spying on her for a while. You can’t blame him, she’s a sexy teenager with a shapely body and a gorgeous face who spends most of her time in a skimpy swimsuit. You have a special bond with her and spend most of your time with her at the swimming pool. He never thought it would be anything more than spying. For him it’s just a good way to see some tits, ass and pussy on a regular basis. After getting so many blue balls just from staring at her beautiful young body, he found himself in a position where he had to teach her about men’s desires by pretending to be her boyfriend. From there, your horizons will open up and new opportunities will come your way.
This game even has a patch that brings back some memories from the past, following an accident that you don’t remember, and which your family hides from you for your own good.​

v0.4 167 New Renders 3 New animations New option: Change characters name in MOD New Background music Replay Galery Change songs directly from MOD Extra content
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