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The Libido Enigma [Ch. 2.0] [broiler_x]


Dive into a world of biotech mystery! As a researcher, you uncover a potential flaw with the female libido enhancement drug within your biotech company. Along the way you encounter several potential female love interests including: a passionate young scientist, a mysterious whistleblower, and a charismatic CEO. Your decisions will shape not only your romantic future but also the fate of libido-enhancing research and ethical standards.
Let’s unravel The Libido Enigma together!​

Chapter 2.0 For those of you that played Chapter One, I did make some minor stylistic changes to Chapter One, but nothing in the plot or dialogue has changed at all, so you do not need to go back to Chapter One. Basically, while developing Chapter Two I figured out how to do a nice subtle zoom in effect with the renders, and so I went back to Chapter One and added that effect to a few key renders for emphasis.
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